Astronomical Sciences (HBSc)

J.B. Lester, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Lindsay Schoenbohm
Room DV4037, William G. Davis Bldg
[email protected]
Program Advisor
Professor J.B. Lester
Room 4035, William G. Davis Bldg.
joh[email protected]
Academic Counsellor/Program Administrator
Christina Fortes
Room 4061, William G. Davis Bldg.
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Astronomy, of all the sciences, is perhaps the most wide-ranging in its content and in its implications. It embraces such topics as the origin and evolution of the planets, stars, galaxies and the whole universe; the conditions for the origin of life on earth and elsewhere; the behaviour of matter in environments never experienced on earth, and in general, the influence of the universe on mankind's thinking down through the ages. Because of its breadth, it has always formed a valuable part of a general education.

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AST Astronomy
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JCP Chemistry
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Specialist Program ERSPE1025
Astronomical Sciences (Science)

14.0 credits are required.

Limited Enrolment --Enrolment in this program is based on the completion of 4.0 credits, including the following courses: AST110H5; MAT102H5, (MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/ MAT135Y5/MAT137Y5/MAT157Y5, MAT223H5/MAT240H5; (PHY136H5,PHY137H5)/(PHY146H5,PHY147H5)

First Year AST110H5; MAT102H5, (MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/ MAT135Y5/MAT137Y5/MAT157Y5, MAT223H5/MAT240H5; (PHY136H5,PHY137H5)/(PHY146H5,PHY147H5)
Second Year AST221H1(St. George Campus), AST222H1(St. George Campus); MAT232H5/MAT233H5, MAT236H5, MAT244H5; PHY241H5, PHY242H5/JCP221H5, PHY245H5
Third Year AST320H1(St. George Campus); AST325H1/ JCP265H5/ CSC108H5, JCP321H5, JCP322H5; MAT311H5, MAT334H5; PHY325H5, PHY347H5
Fourth Year AST425Y1(St. George Campus); JCP421H5, PHY451H5, STA220H5/STA256H5

PHY136H5/PHY137H5 will no longer be accepted for admission into this program after the 2017/18 academic year.