Astronomy (HBSc)

J.B. Lester, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Lindsay Schoenbohm
Room 4037, William G. Davis Bldg
[email protected]
Faculty Program Advisor
J.B. Lester
Room 4035, William G. Davis Bldg.
(905) 828-3818
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Academic Counsellor/Undergrad Program Administrator
Christina Fortes
Room 4061, William G. Davis Bldg.
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Astronomy, of all the sciences, is perhaps the most wide-ranging in its content and in its implications. It embraces such topics as the origin and evolution of the planets, stars, galaxies and the whole universe; the conditions for the origin of life on earth and elsewhere; the behaviour of matter in environments never experienced on earth, and in general, the influence of the universe on mankind's thinking down through the ages. Because of its breadth, it has always formed a valuable part of a general education.

Astronomy offers courses that could be of interest to every student at U of T Mississauga. Four of these are introductory courses: AST101H5, AST110H5, AST201H5, AST252H5. AST101H5 and AST201H5 are both intended for students from outside the sciences, while AST110H5 and AST252H5 are designed for students who have some background in science.
  • AST101H5 introduces students to the historical background of astronomy and continues through to the modern discoveries about the solar system and the development of modern telescopes and observatories, both on the ground and in space.
  • AST110H5 provides an introduction to observing and analysis.
  • AST201H5 surveys the structure and evolution of the stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole.
  • AST252H5 is a unique interdisciplinary course that examines the broad topics of the origin and evolution of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, and life. This course is intended for students who have some background in the sciences.

Students interested in either the Astronomical Sciences or the Astronomy program should consult the Astronomy faculty advisor at U of T Mississauga as early as possible in their first year. The faculty advisor can also provide information and advice about the astronomy courses and programs available on the St. George Campus.

Students should also review the Degree Requirements section
prior to selecting courses

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Major Program ERMAJ2204
Astronomy (Science)

9.0 credits are required.

Limited Enrolment --Enrolment in this program is based on the completion of 4.0 credits, including the following courses: AST110H5; MAT102H5, (MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/MAT135Y5/MAT137Y5/MAT157Y5, MAT223H5/ MAT240H5; (PHY136H5, PHY137H5)/(PHY146H5, PHY147H5)

First Year AST110H5; MAT102H5, (MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/MAT135Y5/MAT137Y5/MAT157Y5, MAT223H5/MAT240H5; (PHY136H5,PHY137H5)/(PHY146H5,PHY147H5)
Second Year AST221H1(St. George Campus), AST222H1(St. George Campus); MAT244H5, MAT232H5/ MAT233H5, MAT236H5; PHY241H5, PHY242H5/JCP221H5, PHY245H5
Third Year AST320H1(St. George Campus); JCP321H5; JCP322H5/one 300/400-level half-course approved by the faculty advisor.

PHY136H5/PHY137H5 will no longer be accepted for admission into the program after the 2017/18 academic year.